Electric Heating

Electric boilers offer the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and hot water supply in households with no gas supply, for example in rural areas, multi-floor buildings and new housing estates.  In addition, new flue regulations mean that many people have had to convert Gas Boilers to Electric Boilers in order to avoid costly building work where their current flue arrangements have not met requirements.


In rented properties, gas applications must have annual maintenance checks by law. An Electric boiler offers a convenient alternative for heating and hot water, combining safety with low running costs. There are no worries about carbon monoxide, back drafting, pilot lights, gas piping and venting associated with fuel boilers.


Other benefits of having and Electric boiler installed

  • Minimum installation time involved
  • No flues
  • Suitable for under floor heating
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • No dust, no dirt



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